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Join our GetWORK membership programme and we’ll promote your products or services directly to 1000s of  North West business owners through our regular email OfferTUNITY promotions.Similar to existing successful consumer email discount subscription schemes, OfferTUNITYalso makes products and services available at discounted rates.The OfferTUNITY difference is that we send genuine commercial offers, deals and discounts to businesses, the offers are not time-limited and there is no commission to pay on your offer.So, your business is regularly promoted to potential new clients who simply have to click through to your own dedicated web page here on the Genuinely Helpful site to make an enquiry.No registration required, just a simple form to complete and their details come to you.Then you get in touch to see how you can be Genuinely Helpful to them!

How does it work?

Take a look at our simple video HERE which tells you more about the system and how it can help you reach new customers.  

Interested in sourcing reliable new suppliers at great rates but don’t want to become a member?

No problem. Simply fill in your details below and we’ll include you in the next promotion. No charge, no fuss. And you can unsubscribe at any time.

Register today and let us help you reach your new clients!




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